Is Chinmark Group Legit Or A Scam?

Is Chinmark Group A Scam? Has Chinmark Group Crashed?

Is Chinmark Group Legit Or A Scam?

Chinmark Group isn’t only a Nigerian based company, but an international conglomerate company that does majorly with investment.
Chinmark group has different subsidiaries like Homes&Shelters(Construction), Farms(Agriculture), Medicals, Foundation (Charity), Laons, Restaurants, Academy, Logistic Services and Transportation.

Who Owns Chinmark Group?

Chinmark group is owned and controlled by an Igbo business tycoon by name “Marksman Chinedu Ijeoma” and his wife “Trinity Marksman”. He’s the chairman and CEO of the company.


How Long Has Chinmark Group Existed?

Chinmark group came into limelight in the late 2019 and early 2020, although the company’s Chairman/CEO claims chinmark group has been in existence for the past ten (10) years, with proven evidence and track records.

Is Chinmark Group Registered?

Chinmark group is duely registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission(CAC) of Nigeria and also approved to carry out financial transactions by various government economic and financial security outfits.

Is Chinmark Group A Scam Company?

Is Chinmark Group Legit?

How Safe Is It To Invest With Chinmark Group?

Many people often asks these three above questions out of fear of been scammed whenever they wishes to invest with Chinmark group.
Considering the track records the Chinmark group brand has maintained, as proven by the company, we would advise anyone willing to partner or invest with Chinmark group to go ahead, even though the SEC has distanced themselves from the company.
We can’t say it’s a scan of it’s not legit when no one has to accuse the company of such.

Chinmark group has physical investments across major countries of the world like Nigeria, UAE, Greece, Ghana, etc. They also have farms, hotels, restaurants, etc. Physical offices across major states and cities in Nigeria, hundreds of ambassadors, thousands of employees, etc, as claimed by the company.

From the testimonies so far, we can say that Chinmark group is one of the most legit investment company in Nigeria so far.

Has Chinmark Group Crashed/Collapsed Before?

Unlike some companies, Chinmark group ever since it’s start has never experienced a noticable crash or collapse.

How Do I Locate Chinmark Group?

With close to a million online audience, hundreds of ambassadors, a good number of branches across Nigeria and the world, thousands of employees, Chinmark group is one of the easiest companies to locate, in case of any business purposes.

Visit or search on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn the keywords “chinmark group”. Most of the company’s social media handles are verified.

Remember, chinmark group offers you a whooping 2-4% return on your amount of partnership or investment monthly.
With as little as little as N500,000, you can partner/invest with Chinmark Group. Six (6) months minimum and a five (5) years maximum duration of investment/partnership.

NB: When you invest, do not forget to use “Everything9ja” as your referee. Thank you.
For more info, send a message to +2349015134012 on WhatsApp.

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