How To Stop Withdrawal/Debiting (Cash Outflow) On Your Account Without Going To The Bank

Short/USSD Code To Stop Withdrawal On Your Account

Savings money in the bank was said and believed to be the best option anyone can ever go with, not until recently. Saving money in the bank has become very unsafe and heartbreaking.

As a typical African man, whenever people hear the work “hacking”, many use to think it’s a thing of the White Men(Europeans, Americans, etc) and “Yahoo” a think of the black men(Africans), Nigerians precisely.
This is no longer so, because even Yahoo boys(Internet fraudsters) now go extra mile to seek for knowledge. Knowledge that could enhance their works. This is why hacking and yahoo now works hand in hand.
People used to feel safe taking their money to the bank and saving it with them, not until Yahoo advanced into up to the level of hacking people’s account and carting away with their money right under the supervision of bankers and bank authorities.

Because of this, many persons has lost huge sum of money and even some loose life savings.

How To Know If Your Bank Account Has Been Hacked?

Once you start to notice irregular inflow and outflow of funds these days, the probability of your account been hacked is 0.5.

How Do Yahoo Boys Get Access To Your Account?

In case you ever disclosed your BVN, account number, ATM card details and other bank details to anyone, your account is laible to hacking, as you may have disclosed it to a yahoo boy or their agent.

When you also misplace your purse, wallets, bags, etc that contains these details, your account is as unsafe as Nigeria itself.

What Do You Do When You Notice An Irregular Inflow And Outflow Cash On Your Bank Account?

The first thing you do when you notice and irregular inflow and outflow on your account or misplace your bank details or loose it to robbers is to rush to any nearest branch of your bank and tender a complaint. If there’s no branch nearest to your location, you put a call through to their customer service line.

What If You’re Unable To Reach Out To Your Bank Or It’s Customer Service Line?

For reasons like this, the Central Bank Of Nigeria has made provisions for people may have fall victims of this unfortunate scenario, as they may not be able to get in touch with their banks on time for damage minimization or control.
You can now safeguard your account from the comfort of your home or your comfort zone.

Once you notice that your account has been hacked, maybe by receiving different transaction receipts not carried out by you, all you need to do is to dial the CBN provisional Post No Debit short USSD code.
First, you must be sure you know your account number offhand or can retrieve it anywhere you might have written it.

1. Dial *966*911#

2. Once you press and dial this code on your phone, it will pop-up with this message; “eaZybanking- Stop Debit Transactions Enter Account Number____________”.

3. Enter your account number, then press Send or OK.

Bytaking these simple steps, your account will be automatically frozen from any kind of debit transactions immediately. You will no longer be able to withdraw money until you visit or go to the bank yourself.

What If It Was Your Phone That You Misplaced?

It’s very simple, just get any available phone from anyone else and dial the code. Follow the steps above and your account is safe until you visit your bank.

This is the safest way to safeguard your bank account from Yahoo boys, 419, phone snatchers, etc. It us safe, easy and secured. Share to create awareness.

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