How To Prevent Yourself From Snakes (Reptiles) In Toilets (WC) In Nigeria.


It’s no longer news that a good number of Nigerians has been living in fear of using their toilets (water closets) for the past few days now. This is coming from the recent news about a Nigerian AirForce (NAF) Personnel, who was bitten to death by a poisonous snake.

According to the report from local and national newspapers and blogs, the lady who stays in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Abuja and also a NAF Personnel got bitten by a snake the moment she sat to use her toilet on the 19th day of November, 2021. All efforts to bring her back to life proved abortive; sadly, she lost her life to the cold hands of death. This is the major reason why many Nigerians has been living in the fear of using their various toilets.
Because of this, we’ve made a little but very useful research about how to prevent oneself from snakes and snakebites when using your toilets (water closets).

A simple antidote in Nigeria to help prevent snakes from entering into your water closets is that, on a monthly basis;

1. Get a kerosene (cooking kerosene) of about two to four(2-4) litres.

2. Get a salt of about 250 grams (it should cost at about N100 only).

3. Get an onion. Slice the onions in little quantities.(One big onion is enough for this).

4. Mix the whole kerosene, salt and sliced onions together, shake rigorously or use any means that’ll ensure the salt completely dissolves on the kerosene.

5. Flush the toilets with the mixture. Snakes (Reptiles) cannot survive the mixture of kerosene, salt and onion, the smell alone is hellish for them.

Once you do this, I can assure you that you’re safe for the month. In addition, you may also purchase a sniper(insecticide) to disinfect your water closets (toilets), it’s not compulsory though.

Prevention they say, is better than any cure.
Please kindly share to create more awareness and save lives, thank you.

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