How To Know A Girl That Has Been Used By A Yahoo Boy Or Politician In Nigeria.

Nigeria is one of the funniest countries one can ever be from. Daily on the news line, it’s either you see a man raping his own daughter, a student killed by cultists on campus or Nigerian government bargaining with china to sell her over two hundred million (200,000,000) citizens.
Recently, the emergence of an outrageous number of yahoo boys and their ritual killing activities in Nigeria has taken over the news headlines. Another news you may likely to see online aside these would be, news about Pastors, Nigerian politicians and 2023 elections.
While ritual killing is on the increase, girls have never failed to make themselves available as sacrificial lamb to desperate men. In the recent past, only Nigerian politicians were known to be ritualists. They use young girls for rituals by either killing them, or making them useless by any spiritual means. They infect them with strange and deadly diseases. They use their wombs for sacrifices and unknown to them, especially years like this when election is by the corner.This is no longer so as the table has turned around from politicians to yahoo boys, otherwise called G-Boys. All these aforementioned traits has been transferred from politicians to yahoo boys. As the number of yahoo boys keep skyrocketing daily, so also the number of ritual killings, with vulnerable ladies as sacrificial lambs.
For this, we are going to look into common factor that proves that a girl or lady may possibly have been used for rituals by a yahoo boy or politician.


When a girl or lady who has been “Bam Bam(ing)”, flirting, flexing and chilling with the big boys and men in town suddenly runs mad without a just course, then there’s every possibility that she may have been used by either a yahoo boy or a politicians sugar daddy who might be a ritualist. It may be an ON&OFF madness.

Undiagnosable Sickness:

One of the major ways to know that a lady might have been used for ritual is strange sicknesses. These strange sicknesses may come with symptoms like, abnormal loss of weight, vomiting of blood, loss of hair, devastating smells and discharge from private parts, loss of voice, loss of eye sight, uncontrollable blood flow inform of menstruation, mood swings and many other unimaginable symptoms. The bottom-line, even after these symptoms and series of tests and scannings, the Doctor wouldn’t still be able to diagnose what is wrong or the actual kind of sickness. Remember, to conclude she has been used for rituals, she must’ve been chilling with the big men and boys.


Some ladies might be lucky at times to have only their womb used, as the only problem will be child-bearing. A lady or girl who has flirt all her life with yahoo boys, politicians and other big men before getting married, is most likely to fall under this category.

Bad Luck, Unattractiveness:

Yes, you read that well, bad luck and unattractiveness. As a lady who has chilled all her life with yahoo boys and politicians in the past, then you start noticing that people finds you unattractive, you suddenly become unlucky when it comes to seizing life-changing opportunities, then no doubt. Your “destiny and glory”(according to Nigerian Pastors) might have been stolen or taken away from you by your past associates.

Sudden Death:

There’s no better explanation to the sudden death of a healthy lady who has always been with yahoo boys or politicians other than ritual killings. If you escape being killed physically and harvesting your body parts, you may not escape being killed spiritually.

A lady who has been used by either a yahoo boy or a politician may go to sleep and never wake up.
Conclusively, do not forget that some of the determining factors to conclude that a lady or a girl may have been used for rituals by either a yahoo boy or a politician are;

* She must have had a boyfriend who is a yahoo boy or G-Boy.
* She has a sugar daddy who is possibly a ritualist.
* The lady or girl has plenty of yahoo boys and politicians she rolls, chills, flex and flirt with.
With this piece, we believe everyone who would take out time to read would’ve have a good insight about a girl or lady who may have possibly been used for rituals by a yahoo boy or a politician.

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