How To Be A Successful Hookup Girl/Boy In Nigeria 2022.

How To Start Hookup Business In Nigeria

It’s a new year and the struggle to make success and survive is a royal rumble, as everyone are running ups and downs to make success this new year. So, I’ve made a research about the best lucrative business you can start with a little or no capital. Hookup business, yes HOOKUP.


Barely everyone now has the exposure on what hookup is all about. Hookup is simply using your God-given assets to make money by just meeting new people and doing what is expected.

Hookup is just like mining a crypto currency, the more you mine, the more you earn. Who can start hookup business? Hookup is not limited to any gender, boy or girl, you’re good to go.

How To Start Hookup Business In Nigeria?

Starting a Hookup business in Nigeria is as easy as anything, all you need is the right audience across social media channels, right location, mobile phone and right the packaging.

Starting a hookup business in Nigeria via Social Media Channels, follow these steps and you won’t have any cause to regret;

1. First of all, you create a Facebook/Instagram account i.e if you do not have any yet.

2. Search and add/follow up potential clients.

3. Get a photographer, take and upload sedvctively exposing pictures at least three times in a month, pictures that shows everyone your curves and other natural endowments. Your pictures and videos must be of high quality. As a boy, having six packs and plenty of beards is an added advantage.

4. Always keep your audience busy with motivational posts, inspirational write-ups, etc. Remember, your use of English must be highly rated, you could employ someone to help with that too.

5. To keep your audience growing, you must at least set aside a day for giveaways, audio, video or any kind of giveaways, just do giveaways. There are a lot of hungry Nigerians out there who would share all your posts just to win #1-#2k giveaway. As they keep sharing and saying good things about you, you’re gradually getting the fame to start getting the required clients. Remember, to win giveaways, they must share and say good things about you, good reviews only.

6. On your stories, always post short er*tic videos/pictures of yourself with blue or red lights on in a hotel room i.e if your room isn’t beautiful enough, to prove you’re of a high class.

7. As time goes on, once in a while, make er*tic posts like “I need a man who can make me c.vm”, “I need a man who can spoil me”, “I need a woman who can make me useless in the other room”, etc.

With these kind of posts, your potential clients will begin to get the signals you’re sending, then they’ll begin to trip in their numbers.

8. Once they make their ways to your DM, it’s left for you to vibe with them in a well behaved manner, so as not to look cheap or whatsoever.

9. If you follow these steps, you’re on your way to making it big as a hookup girl or boy.

10. Another trick that works only for ladies is starting an online business of selling clothes, male clothes to be precise. As you make motivational and sedvctive posts, your giveaway posts should come with your business adverts. You could offer to make home deliveries to male clients, then from there, you start the girl thing, it pays hugely.

This also applies to starting an online restaurant in form of fast foods, your male clients will eat your food, eat you and then pay you ten times worth of your services.

It’s so sad that many people have s.3x in secret with people and take penny from them and still come out to rebuke others who do it publicly.

Instead of wasting your energy and taking penny for it in secret, starting a hookup business is the best thing to do and is most lucrative.

For a master class info on how to start hookup in Nigeria and be successful in 2022 send a mail to [email protected]


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